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Establishing a Company in Denmark

What you need to consider When setting up a company in Denmark

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe that allow for a simple company formation process, with a well-developed infrastructure and a business environment that encourages research and development and innovative business ideas.

Opening a company in Denmark is a simple process that involves a few key steps and starts with choosing the right business structure. Because the country offers an attractive business environment, many international companies have set up their local Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen or other Danish cities. Some of the key areas for investment include the technology industry, the life science sector, or the maritime sector. Of course, investors can find business opportunities in other areas for design to food production as well as the renewable energies sector.

Global Premier offers complete services to local and foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in Denmark. We can help investors from the early stages of company formation and once the company is in need of solutions for dispute resolution or other types of legal services.

Main Steps to Open a Business in Denmark

Choose a legal structure – this is important as the type of company can match the existing capital and the number of investors as well as be suited for small, medium or large companies. The private limited liability company or ApS is commonly used both by local and foreign investors.

Register the company – this is essential, and it is performed with the Danish Business Authority; the process is a simple one and once it is complete, the company receives a central company register number used in all communications with the public authorities.

Register with the tax authorities – once the new company is registered with the business authority, it also needs to be registered with the Danish tax authorities, the Customs and Tax Administration, SKAT; those companies that need to register for VAT purposes perform a separate registration.

Obtain permits – some types of businesses may be required to obtain additional permits and licenses.

Hire employees – this is an important step that needs to be taken into consideration and the need to hire specialized or highly skilled staff will also depend on the chosen business field; Denmark also allows business owners to easily hire foreign employees or transfer the existing employees in the country in case of company relocation.

What Global Premier can offer you

Global Premier can help you with additional information about the existing types of companies as well as the requirements for each one of these.

Foreign companies that enter the market have the option of opening a branch or a subsidiary and our lawyers can also advise investors regarding this particular choice. While the branch may present important advantages in terms of ease of incorporation and the general reporting requirements, the foreign company opening a branch in Denmark will be the one liable for the branch’s actions, debts and liabilities while doing business in Copenhagen or another Dutch city.

We can provide investors with complete details about the registration requirements for taxation purposes as well as the annual reporting and filing requirements with the SKAT. Moreover, our tax lawyers in Denmark can also offer complete details on the double tax treaties concluded between Denmark and other countries.

When opening a business in Denmark, it is important to observe both the Companies Law as well as the Employment Law and other relevant laws. As far as employment is concerned, our Danish lawyers can assist investors in drawing up employment contracts as per the current legislation. We can also provide information about the insurance for employees and the taxes related to hiring staff, the social security contributions.

How easy is it to set up a business in Denmark?

The waiting time between the registration and the beginning of actual commercial activities is very short in Denmark. The registration procedure of a company in Denmark takes only six working days and consists of only four steps. The entrepreneurs have also the possibility to acquire a ready-made company (shelf company) and our Team of Experts can give you further information about this type of company.

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Global Premier Services

Global Premier provides effective and individualized corporate services. We can help you to manage your Danish company’s statutory secretarial needs and assist in securing your company´s compliance with legal and administrative requirements in Denmark.

Global Premier can act as your single point of contact in Denmark, coordinating the correspondence between the auditors, lawyers, authorities and financial institutions etc.

We can provide you with all administrative services such as:

Business name registration
Maintenance of statutory registers and other formal documentation
Registered office address/ Domiciliation and keeping of mandatory company files
Opening bank accounts
Annual Reports
Payroll administration
Preparation, attending and/or drafting minutes of annual general meetings, board meetings and other meetings
Preparation and execution of resolutions
Preparation and filing forms for any changes in your company
Handling all incoming and outgoing correspondence
General corporate/legal assistance
Ad hoc tasks

Why Global Premier?

What separates us from our competitors is that our services don’t end with the registration of your company. We offer a wide range of additional services others can’t or just won’t offer, such as lifetime free support.

Whilst most providers either specialise on personalized consultation at relatively high rates or run bulk registration factories without any support, we want to offer the positive aspects of both types.

Therefore Global Premier combines professional advice, worldwide registration services, reasonable fees, customized order processing, lifetime support and fast processing. Where others see company formation services as a bulk registration with no support and no individual assistance, we do care about your business needs.

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